Iron ore slimes flotation tests using column and amidoamine collector without depressant

Autor(es): FILIPPOV, Lev O.; SILVA, Klaydison; PIÇARRA, Alexandre; LIMA, Neymayer; SANTOS, Iranildes; BICALHO, Leandro; FILIPPOVA, Inna V.; PERES, Antonio Eduardo Clark
Resumo: This work describes the concentration of iron ore slimes on a pilot scale by using a 500‐mm diameter flotation column and a novel collector, which renders the use of a depressant unnec‐essary. The pilot column was operated in series with the industrial plant Vargem Grande 2 (Iron Quadrangle, Brazil) receiving, as feed, part of the underflow from the desliming thickener. These pilot tests represented only the rougher stage of a flotation circuit. The novel collector used was an amidoamine (average collector dosage of 160 g/t), and the tests were carried out in the absence of starch, at pH 10.5 and with bubbles/microbubbles generated by cavitation tube. It was possible to achieve a concentrate, by reverse flotation, with an average iron content of 53% and an average metallurgical recovery of 91.5% The recovery of the silica in the froth was 53.1% in average for one stage of flotation. The high variability of the slime characteristics rendered difficult the stabilization of the SiO2 recovery; however, the applicability of the amidoamine collector was proven. In an in‐dustrial scale circuit, the use of online analyzers for Fe and SiO2 content and the adoption of control logics based on the adjustment of parameters such as reagents dosage and washing water flow rate adjustment should contribute to the optimization of the results obtained in the pilot scale tests. Fur‐ther studies adding a cleaner concentration stage should be performed.
Periódico: Minerals
Ano: 2021
Volume: V. 11, n. 7
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Ano de publicação: 2021
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