A systematic study on the addition of niobium in high chromium cast irons for mining applications

Autor(es): Penagos, J. J.; Bortoleto, E. M.; Tressia, G.; Albertin, E.; Sinatora, A.
Resumo: (EN) In the processing and transportation of minerals, the wear of components is intense, continuous and often the leading cause of unplanned stoppages with irreparable damages. In this context, the application of tribological concepts and methods are essential tools to better adjust the operating conditions (i.e., material, the angle of incidence, moisture, among others) in the implementation of systems. Thus, this work deals with the abrasion resistance of High Chromium Cast Irons (HCCI), a material widely used in the mining industry, presenting a systematic study about the addition of niobium. It has been shown that the addition of 2.5% Nb in 25% Cr / 3% C alloy can lead to a 30% increase in the useful lifetime of the HCCI studied. It was also corroborated the importance a correct heat treatment to guarantee hardness of the matrix that ensures mechanical stability to the carbides (minimizing micro-cracking) and decrease the loss of material by plastic deformation (scratching). Finally, a field component analysis (wear plate) demonstrated a field-to-laboratory correlation for the test configuration employed (Dry Rubber Wheel Abrasion Tester, DRWAT).
Periódico: International Conference on Bulk Materials Storage, Handling and Transportation
Ano: 2019
Volume: 13
Páginas: p. 1-12