Homem, de máscara azul e jaleco branco, observa um recipiente que contém uma substância escura. Ele está em um laboratório.

Photo: Marcelo Lelis, 2020

See how we collaborate to build a more sustainable society

ITV Sustainable Development focuses on Applied Computing, Meteorology and Climate Change, Environmental Recovery, Environmental Genomics, Environmental Geology, and Water Resources, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Socioeconomics, and Sustainability.

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Environmental Geology and Water Resources

We carry out interdisciplinary research focused on the physical environment and understanding its evolution. We direct our studies to near-surface geological processes and the dynamics of landscape development. We also analyze the hydrological cycle by diagnosing and forecasting socio-environmental impacts and risks based on hydro-meteorological monitoring, mathematical modeling, and remote sensing. Our research also includes assessing the impact of anthropogenic actions on the environment, particularly in terms of chemical safety, in areas of interest for mining.

Um profissional agachado em meio à grama observa algo no rio à frente dele. Ele usa colete e chapéu.

Photo: Clarté, 2021

Fotografia da terra e uma plantação de folhas verdes com pontas brancas.

Photo: João Marcos Rosa, 2009

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

We act at the interface between conservation and the use of natural resources. We adopt innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to support environmentally responsible actions in natural and impacted areas. We pursue the scientific knowledge of biological diversity, aiming at conservation and sustainable management and the health of ecosystems and associated ecosystem services. We also study the value of ecosystem services and the use of natural resources for income generation. Our research is mainly carried out in and around the Carajás National Forest, located in eastern Pará. It includes the documentation and taxonomic, genetic, and functional characterization of the biodiversity that occurs mainly in the region’s reed beds, forests, and cavities.

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Environmental Genomics

We focus on studies to enhance knowledge, use, and conservation of terrestrial biodiversity using molecular approaches.  Through the study of DNA, R.N.A., and proteins, our research is focused on the identification, species characterization, evolutionary and adaptive mechanisms of species. In this manner, we produce genetic references (DNA barcodes) that enable the rapid monitoring of flora, fauna, and microbiota in complex environments such as soils, aquatic and cave environments. The sequencing of complete genomes is also crucial to the knowledge and valuation of species’ genetic heritage and their interrelationships and to generate genetic-based conservation actions. Functional mechanisms of fauna, flora, and soils are unraveled using tools to analyze the expression of genes (transcriptomics) and proteins (proteomics). New technologies for the recovery of degraded areas through the action of microorganisms are being developed.

Mulher e homem com máscaras, óculos e jalecos olhando para um computador. Ambos estão em um laboratório.

Photo: Clarté, 2021

Pessoa com cabeça abaixada e chapéu, que cobre seu rosto, segurando uma muda de planta. Ela está em uma estufa com diversas mudas e usa camisa de mangas compridas, colete e luvas.

Photo: Clarté, 2021

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Environmental Technology

We conduct interdisciplinary research in geomatics, land cover and land-use change, forest restoration, recovery of degraded areas, weather forecasting, and climate change. We aim to develop environmental solutions based on technology and science to support Vale’s corporate area and operational areas for more efficient and safer planning and operation in mines, railroads, and ports.

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Socioeconomics and Sustainability

We research the dynamics of social development in the territories where Vale operates and study the interactions of the company’s operations with local socioeconomic dynamics. We seek to enhance our knowledge about the communities and identify opportunities and potentials to contribute to the sustainable development of these territories.

Vista aérea dos morros, vegetações e casas de uma cidade.

Photo: Ricardo Teles, 2020

Imagem de uma tela de computador com diversos rabiscos coloridos.

Photo: Marcelo Lelis, 2020

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Applied Computer Science

We conduct interdisciplinary research directed at the organization, integration, and extraction of knowledge from data sets. We aim to use knowledge to solve problems related to the sustainable use of natural resources. Solutions are based on artificial intelligence and the visualization of results to support decisions with socio-environmental impact.


We believe that, together, we can do more.

Therefore, we have a network of collaborators and partners that contribute to constructing a more sustainable mining industry and a greener planet. In this network of relationships, there are important local partnerships and institutions in several States, government institutions, and research institutions abroad.