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Producing and disseminating knowledge is one of our main missions.

We offer educational programs in professional master’s degrees and technical training courses to contribute to the transformation of the company and society through knowledge.

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Professional Master’s Degree in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions

The Graduate program has the following main objectives:

  • To provide a systemic and integrated vision of the use of natural resources;
  • To train professionals capable of dealing with issues related to the use of natural resources and of meeting society’s new demands for sustainable development;
  • To contribute to the generation of technological innovation based on a systemic vision of sustainability of natural resources.

The 24-month, 360-hour Professional Master’s Degree has two research lines: Socioeconomics and Sustainability in Mining and Sustainable Use of Biological Resources.

Professionals from companies engaged in sustainability management, as well as graduates in areas related to natural resources (biologists, agronomists, chemists, physicists, geologists, engineers, I.T. specialists, oceanographers) and sustainability (environmental engineers, meteorologists, geographers, economists, sociologists, anthropologists) or from related fields.

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