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The activities of Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) envisage for the integration of three activities: research, education and entrepreneurship. Those three principles consider the actual process of scientific outcomes, their practical innovations, and generation of concrete benefits for the society.

The Institute works on three main activities:

ITV maintains Stricto Sensu and Lato Sensu postgraduate and extension courses, which cover academic and professional master's degree and specialization courses. The institute also offers Post-Doctoral Residency opportunities in its units.

The objective is to train qualified professionals to face questions related with themes developed by the Institute, sustainable development and mining, also attending the demands by its sponsor and society.

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One of ITV's goals is to promote the development of research projects of different themes, with emphasis on Sustainable Development and Mining. Our research projects are developed both by our research team and in partnerships partnerships with Institutions of Science and Technology (ICTs).

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ITV encourages and values the figure of the researcher-entrepreneur who, in addition to his/her leadership in research, demonstrates management skills to lead companies. We collaborate in the incubation of start-up companies that can provide services or products of interest to its sponsor and society.

We work in two units in Brazil,
with a complete infrastructure of laboratories and libraries.

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