In newspapers, on the internet, even in college, you have probably come across the term ‘CNPq’. But, after all, what does it mean and represent for Brazil, and what is its relationship with Vale? To grow and develop, a country also needs to invest in scientific research and technology, as well as in the training and qualification of researchers both locally and abroad. And that is exactly what the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), an institution linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology, has been seeking this since 1951.

CNPq and the Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) have a partnership of almost four years: when the government agency published a call that made possible the selection of 65 fellows for ITV to develop advanced research in the units of Belém and Ouro Preto. There were more than 250 applicants in various categories. Recently, the partnership was strengthened with the appointment of the CEO of the Vale Institute of Technology (ITV), Luiz Mello, as a member of the CNPq’s Deliberative Council.

For Vale, the conquest represents an important step to strengthen our relationship with the government, thus contributing to the development of innovative and necessary skills to leverage the development of the country.

During the two-year tenure, Luiz Mello will participate in debates and proposals on issues relevant to the country’s scientific and technological development.