Vale and the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), at the Ministry of Education, held yesterday (12/13), in Brasília, held a ceremony to announce the Vale-Capes Award for Technology and Innovation. Launched in 2012 during the Rio+20 conference, Vale-Capes arrives at its fifth edition with a new look, with two award categories – Distinguished Researcher and Young Researcher – instead of four themes, with eight winners, as in previous years. In the Distinguished Researcher category, the chosen one was Professor Jorge Rubio Rojas, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Lucas William Mendes, from the University of São Paulo (USP), was also selected in the Young Researcher category.

For the choice of the winners, their published work was evaluated, such as scientific articles; books or chapters in books and not their theses and dissertations and others such as, supervision in postgraduate courses; participation in national and international academies; awards; and patent registrations. The name of the award also changed, from Vale-Capes Science and Sustainability to Vale-Capes Technology and Innovation.

The criteria for the Vale-Capes is originality of work and its relevance to scientific, technological, cultural, social and innovative development. The winner in the Distinguished Researcher category will receive a grant of R$100,000, granted by Vale, and may choose between a scholarship in the Senior Doctor, or a scholarship equivalent to the Senior Internship, abroad, in the amount of 2,100 (Dollars or Euros). On the other hand, the Young Researcher will earn a grant of R$ 40,000 and a PhD scholarship from Vale. The scholarships in both cases will be granted by Capes.

“The new format allowed the concession of a high award, giving greater prominence to the two awards, further demonstrating that the company values research and, above all, innovation”, points out the executive director of Vale Institute of Technology, Sandoval Carneiro.