ROSI: a mobile robot for inspection of belt conveyor

Autor(es): FARIA, Henrique D.; LIZARRALDE, Fernando; COSTA, Ramon R.; ANDRADE, Ricardo H. R.; SILVA, Thales H.; PEREIRA, Raphael F. S.; BARBOSA, Evelyn S.; ROCHA, Filipe; FRANCA, André; FREITAS, Gustavo M.; PESSIN, Gustavo
Resumo: ROSI is a mobile robot designed to inspect belt conveyor machinery in the mining industry. The proposed system is a wheeled and tracked mobile platform equipped with a robotic manipulator and several sensors to allow execution of the scheduled tasks.
Periódico: 21st IFAC world congress
Ano: 2020
Páginas: p. 1-6
Ano de publicação: 2020