The entrainment effect on the performance of iron ore reverse flotation

Autor(es): Lima, Neymayer Pereira; Pinto, Thiago Cesar de Souza; Tavares, Aline Cristina; Sweet, Jenni
Resumo: (EN) An iron ore mineral processing plant in Brazil treating Itabirite ore was assessed by sampling a circuit consisting of Wemco 144 mechanical cells, as part of the AMIRA P9P collaborative research project. This paper presents and discusses the results of entrainability, water recovery and quartz and hematite grades associated to hydrodynamic parameters. The results indicated strong correlation between water recovery and hematite losses which was intensified by the operating conditions of the circuit. A potential alternative to reduce the hematite losses through entrainment and to increase quartz removal was to modify the traditional circuit design to treat rougher and cleaner/recleaner tails in diferente stages. In addition, the scavenger residence time must be matched to the quartz floatability. Changes to design and operation of these circuits are needed to sustain concentrate recovery and grade as iron ores become finer.
Periódico: Minerals Engineering
Ano: 2016
Volume: v. 96-97
Páginas: p. 53-58
Ano de publicação: 2016
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Editora com ISSN: Elsevier