The effect of energy input on flotation kinetics

Autor(es): Safari, Mehdi; Harris, Martin; Deglon, David; Leal Filho, Laurindo; Testa, Francisco
Resumo: (EN) This paper investigates the effect of energy/power input on the flotation of three sulphide minerals (galena, pyrite & pentlandite) and three oxide minerals (apatite, hematite & quartz) in an oscillating grid flotation cell (OGC). Oscillating grids generate near ideal hydrodynamic environments, characterised by turbulence which is relatively homogeneous and isotropic. Galena, pyrite, pentlandite (−150 μm), apatite (−650 μm), hematite (−75 μm) and quartz (−75 μm) were floated in the OGC at power intensities from 0.1 to 5.0 W/kg, using 0.13, 0.24, 0.58 and 0.82mm bubbles, and at three collector dosages. Results showthat the effect of power intensity on the flotation rate is strongly dependent on themineral type, particle size, bubble size and collector dosage. In general, fine particles benefit from higher energy inputs, intermediate particles have an optimum energy input, and coarse particles do not benefit from agitation.
Periódico: International Journal of Mineral Processing
Ano: 2016
Volume: v. 156
Páginas: p. 108-115
Ano de publicação: 2016
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Editora com ISSN: Elsevier