Teleoperation of an ABB IRB 120 robotic manipulator and BarrettHand BH8-282 using a Geomagic Touch X haptic device and ROS

Autor(es): Lima, Amanda; Rocha, Filipe; Torre, Marcos Paulo; Azpúrua, Héctor; Freitas, Gustavo
Resumo: Robot teleoperation has received increasing attention in recent years, being driven mainly by the wide variety of applications in remote or dangerous environments. With the expansion of teleoperated robotics operations, there is also a growing demand for more efficient interfaces for human-robot interaction. Haptic devices allow the user to interact with the remote environment through a mechanical force provided by the joystick. Studies show that force feedback significantly improves operator performance. This paper presents the development of a haptic teleoperation system for the ABB IRB 120 industrial robotic manipulator and BarrettHand BH8-282 robotic hand, using a Geomagic Touch X haptic device, all integrated with ROS. Real and simulated experiments were performed. A group of participants underwent a simulation test and an evaluation questionnaire, validating the system’s usability and the acceptance of the force feedback.
Periódico: Latin American Robotics Symposium (LARS 2018)
Ano: 2018
Páginas: p. 1-7
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