Mobility analysis of a speleologist robot with flexible locomotion system

Autor(es): Rocha, Filipe Augusto Santos; Freitas, Gustavo Medeiros; Magalhães, Paulo Henrique Vieira ; Miola, Wilson; Araújo, Ramon Nunes; Brandi, Iuri Viana
Resumo: (EN) One of the great motivations in the development of robots is to use them in dangerous environments. For mobile devices, it is empirical to be familiar with the locomotion system in use. This allows to understand its capabilities and limitations in order to guarantee the mission success and the devices integrity. The robot used in this paper has an interchangeable locomotion system that allows the device to move with legs, wheels, tracks or hybrid configurations. This proposal analyses mobility characteristics of divers locomotion modes employed by the same robot and then compares their performances. Tests were performed to collect locomotion data using a simulator and a real prototype. Many concepts predicted in the simulation were validated with the real robot. Finally, a comparison of the different locomotion characteristics is obtained.
Periódico: International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
Ano: 2017
Páginas: p. 1-1