Metallurgical and Tribological Aspects for Squat Formation in the HAZ Edges of Rails Welded using Aluminothermy

Autor(es): Alves, L.H.D.; Tepedino; Masoumi, M.; Tressia, G.; Goldenstein, H.
Resumo: (EN) The use of premium rails has greatly contributed to reducing railway wear. Nevertheless the weld region Nevertheless the weld region is still subjected to accelerated wear, especially on thermite welds. In this region, the accelerated occurrence of localized wear in the extremes of the heat affected zone (HAZ), known as squats, is common and is one of the biggest wear and maintenance problems in railways[1,2]. This work presents the results of a complete metallurgical and tribological characterization of the
weld and HAZ of welding of premium rails used in heavy haul, and suggests actions to mitigate the formation of squats at the edges of the HAZ of the welds.
Periódico: International Brazilian Conference on Tribology – TriBoBR 2018
Ano: 2018
Volume: 3
Páginas: p. 1-1