Lipophilic magnetite nanoparticles coated with stearic acid: A potential agent for friction and wear reduction

Autor(es): Zuin, André; Cousseau, Tiago; Sinatora, Amilton; Toma, Sérgio Hiroshi; Araki, Koiti; Toma, Henrique Eisi
Resumo: (EN) Lipophilic magnetite nanoparticles (MagNP; d≈10 nm) functionalized with stearic acid were synthetized and tested as additive in polyalphaolefin synthetic base oil (PAO8) in a model system. The thermal properties of the starting base oil and of the base oil mixed with nanoparticles were evaluated using TG/DTA under inert and oxidizing atmosphere. The frictional response of the lubricants was evaluated under a broad range of operating conditions at the boundary lubrication regime using a 10 mm AISI 52,100 bearing steel ball against the flat face of an AISI H13 steel disc. The results showed that: i) MagNP improved the thermal stability of the base oil; ii) reduced the friction values, mostly during load step transition; iii) reduced significantly the wear marks.
Periódico: Tribology International
Ano: 2017
Volume: v. 112
Páginas: p. 10-19
Ano de publicação: 2017
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Editora com ISSN: Elsevier