Influence of microstructure and WC particle size distribution on the wear resistance of WC/Co hardmetals based on Scratch Tests

Autor(es): Bortoleto , E. M. ; Penagos, J. J. ; Tressia, G. ; Sinatora, A.
Resumo: (EN) Different grades of WC/Co hardmetals , since fine-grained to coarse-grained samples and also samples with bimodal WC grain size distribution, were evaluated usin single scratch tests with a conical diamond stylus. The variation in damage mechanism and wear reistance with increasing normal loads were analysed using SEM microscopy and stylus profilometry. Scratch width was measured based on SEM images in order to compute scratch hardness. The material hardness, the resistance to scratch and the friction coefficient along scratch were measured and studied as a function of the normal load and WC/Co microstructure. The results show that the grain size distribution of WC affects the tribological response of WC/Co hardmetals, particularly for higher mechanical loads.
Periódico: International Brazilian Conference on Tribology – TriBoBR 2018
Ano: 2018
Volume: 3
Páginas: p. 1-1