Impact of the soil saturation on the determination of the hydraulic conductivity by means of infiltration in rectangular ditches: a numerical study

Autor(es): Godoy, Vanessa A.; Napa-García, Gian Franco
Resumo: (EN) Infiltration in rectangular ditches is a simple, fast and cheap method to estimate hydraulic conductivity in large scale, reducing problems related to the scale effect on it. However, the necessity to the soil saturation before the test increasing its time and cost. The aim of this paper is to investigate numerically the influence of the previous saturation in the hydraulic conductivity values. A numerical study is performed using FEFLOW by simulating the infiltration in a rectangular ditch based on the modified inversed auger-hole infiltration method (Porchet’s method), for different degrees of saturation previously the test. Results show that the use of the typical formulation in unsaturated initial condition yields in erroneous hydraulic conductivity values. However, accurate hydraulic conductivity values are obtained if the infiltration rates are used instead of the water levels. The absence of the previous saturation can make the test easier and cheaper and stimulate its use.
Periódico: Congresso Brasileiro de Mecânica dos Solos e Engenharia Geotécnica - COBRAMSEG 2018
Ano: 2018
Volume: XIX
Páginas: p. 1-7
Ano de publicação: 2018
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