Limiting current and voltage unbalances in distribution systems: A metaheuristic-based decision support system

Autor(es): BENETELI, Tatianna Aparecida Pereira; COTA, Luciano Perdigão; EUZÉBIO, Thiago Antonio Melo
Resumo: (EN) Voltage and current unbalances are highly harmful to electrical power systems and the equipment connected to them. Thus, the development of a method that enables the quantification and limitation of unbalances is of great interest, especially in the analysis of distribution systems that are intrinsically unbalanced. In this work, a method for limiting unbalances through the insertion of capacitors based on the iterated local search (ILS) metaheuristic is presented. This method can identify how many capacitors are required, which bus they should be connected to, and the power of each capacitor. A power flow based on the backward forward sweep (BFS) method and three-phase modeling of the system equipment is used, and the symmetrical component method is used to calculate the unbalance index. The following IEEE test feeders are used in the experiments: 4-bus, 13-bus, 34-bus, and 123-bus. The results demonstrate the robustness of the method even when applied to large systems, enabling the limitation of unbalances with a computational time that is compatible with studies on the planning, operation, and expansion of electrical systems.
Periódico: International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
Ano: 2021
Volume: v.135
Ano de publicação: 2021
Editora com ISSN: Elsevier