An Integrated Inspection System for Belt Conveyor Rollers Advancing in an Enterprise Architecture

Autor(es): Nascimento, Richardson; Carvalho, Regivaldo; Delabrida, Saul; Bianchi, Andrea G. C.; Oliveira, Ricardo Augusto Rabelo; Garcia, Luis G.Uzeda
Resumo: One of the most critical equipment used by mining companies is the belt conveyor. Thousands of kilometers of these elements are used for bulk material transportation. A belt conveyor system is composed of several components, and the maintenance process is not trivial and usually reactive. Thousands of dollars are lost per hour with the failure of a conveyor belt system. This occurs due to the lack of appropriate mechanisms for efficient monitoring and integration of this process to the enterprise systems. This paper presents a novel monitoring and integration architecture for a Brazilian mining company. The challenge is to provide a mobile control system and its integration with the current enterprise solutions. We also describe a set of restrictions for the particular component (rollers) in order to identify methods for the integration. Preliminary results demonstrate our solution is a feasible alternative for the case study.
Periódico: International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
Ano: 2017
Volume: 19
Páginas: p. 190-200
DOI: 10.5220/0006369101900200
Ano de publicação: 2017
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