Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected and dismissed at any time by the General Assembly, and is composed of two members, one of whom is the Chief Executive Officer and the other is the Executive Director. Some of the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director are: to elaborate, coordinate, promote and control the execution of the research lines and the annual education program examined by the Management Council and approved by the General Assembly; propose an administrative structure to be submitted to the Management Council for consideration; comply with and enforce the Bylaws and decisions of the Association's bodies, as well as other internal rules and applicable laws.

The Executive Board must also: install academic and/or technical-scientific bodies for its advice and to appoint the members; decide on the opening of branches, establishments or offices of the Association in any part of the country and abroad.

The Association does not remunerate, in any way, the positions of its Executive Board, whose functions are entirely free of charge.