To create options for the future through scientific research and development of technologies to expand Vale’s knowledge and business frontiers in a sustainable manner.


To become a leading institution of excellence in the development of science and technology in mining and sustainable development.


Life matters most.
Excellence in Research and Management.
Commitment to results.
Curiosity and Boldness.


Vale Institute of Technology is positioned between the scientific researches carried out in universities, and the technological development produced in companies.

of Technology and Science

R&D Companies

Understand the differences

Guidance Business
Scientific and Technological Institutions - ICTS Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) R&D Businesses
Revenue Non-profit Non-profit, economic-financial sustainability For-profit
Guidance Research and teaching Scientific and Technological Research, Teaching and Entrepreneurship Market
Vocation Train professionals and advance knowledge Generate and apply innovative knowledge Profitability is essential
Design Share knowledge Share knowledge and remain confidential in some cases Confidentiality is very important
Time Not as critical Critical without prejudice to quality Very critical
Intelectual Property Important Important and very important in specific cases Very important
Publication Very important and necessary Necessary Only if there is no strategic risk
Commitment Academic audience and society Vale, Society, and C&T Stakeholders
Knowledge More basic and less applied Basic and more applied Applied and directed toward a specific need / purpose
Poliltics Does not focus on business Focused on innovative knowledge that can also generate business Focused on business