Permanent Teachers

Renato Oliveira da Silva Junior

Senior Geologist with a Master's Degree in Geology and Geochemistry and Specialist Diploma in Applied Hydrogeology from the Center of Geosciences/CG-UFPA. He is currently an Assistant Researcher at the Vale Institute of Technology, where he is in charge of the Technical Coordination of the Itacaiúnas Project – Monitoring of water resources of the Itacaiúnas river basin – Southeast region of Pará state.

He has over 13 years of experience in the field of Environment and Water Resources. He served in the Department of Water Resources in the Ministry of Environment (SRH-MMA) having been in charge of preparing Pilot-Projects in basins of high ecological interest, with special emphasis on the Amazon Basin and the La Plata Basin; Drafting of Technical Opinions involving water resources and the provision of technical and institutional support to States, Federal District and the Union, and the development of activities along with the Working Groups and Technical Chambers of the National Board of Water Resources. He has over 10 years of lecturing experience in higher education institutions, such as: the Federal University of Pará, University of Brasilia, and University Center of Brasilia/UniCEUB. He provided services to various clients for 8 years at Golder Associates Brasil Consultoria e Projetos Ltda.

He is currently an Assistant Researcher of the research line "Environmental geology and water resources", assigned to ITV Sustainable Development.