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Vale Institute of Technology (ITV, Instituto Tecnológico Vale) is a non-profit institution created by Vale, in 2010, to develop technological and scientific solutions for the challenges of the mining chain in the territories in which it operates.

Its activities are research, qualification, and entrepreneurship.

It operates through ITV Sustainable Development, in Belém (Pará), and ITV Mining, in Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais), to provide options for the future through scientific research and technology development, sharing knowledge and expanding businesses in a sustainable manner.

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researchers, students and research fellows work in the two units of the Institute


Sustainable development

Located in Belém (Pará), ITV Sustainable Development (ITV-DS) conducts research in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Environmental Genomics, Environmental Technology, Environmental Geology and Water Resources, Socioeconomics and Sustainability, as well as Applied Computing. The Institute also offers a professional master's program in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions.

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Guilherme Oliveira

ITV Scientific Director Sustainable Development

In 10 years, ITV-DS invested R$ 322 million in research projects and published more than 450 scientific articles in collaboration with universities, research centers, and other companies.

Given the pandemic of COVID-19, the Institute signed a partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz) to carry out the broadest study of the genetic sequencing of Sars-CoV-2, with the collection of 1,000 samples. This study aims to increase knowledge about the genetic variations of the virus and, thus, understand its behavior in Brazil.

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Located in Ouro Preto and Santa Luzia (Minas Gerais), ITV Mining is developing research projects on different subjects and teaching programs for technical qualification at graduate, specialization, as well as master and doctorate levels in partnership with UFOP and ISPT. Since it was created, it has already invested R$ 80 million and supported 57 R&D projects.

With 22 researchers, the Institute conducts researches in areas such as Control & Robotics, Mining, Extractive Metallurgy & Ore Processing, and Tribology. To date, the Institute has published more than 150 scientific articles in collaboration with several universities and research centers.

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Amilton Sinatora

ITV Scientific Director Mining

A Master’s programs on Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Mining Processes, Mining and Ore Processing, as well as Vale Training Program on Ore Treatment have been offered at ITV-MI, in addition to several specialization programs (Lato Sensu), such as Mining on Open-Pit Mines, Improvement in Coal – Mozambique, Mineral Processing, Mining Process Automation, and Advanced Geotechnical Engineering. Automation for Mining and Satellite Images, Computer Vision, and Robotic Arms are recent courses that have already been provided by the Institute.

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ITV contributes to scientific knowledge through peer-reviewed publications and graduate studies.
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Research and teaching

Find out more about the Programs offered at ITV:

Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Mining Processes

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Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions

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Especialização Internacional em Engenharia de Geotecnia Avançada

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Research residency annoncement

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