Permanent Teachers

José Augusto Bitencourt

He is graduated and licensed in Biological Sciences from UFF. He holds a Ph.D. and Master's degree in Marine Biology from UFF and has a specialist diploma in Science Education from UFF. He is currently doing research in canga microbiology at the Vale Institute of Technology. He has previously done research in bioremediation and microbial loop in marine environments in collaboration with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Fluminense Federal University. He has experience in biological oceanography, microbiology, biolixiviation, microscopy, and biology education, with an emphasis on interaction between marine organisms and environmental parameters, mainly in the following subjects: bacteria, pollution, petroleum, heavy metals, protozoa, and microbial loop. In addition, he has experience in the area of biology education for high school students, face-to-face and distance, as well as post-graduate students.

He is currently an Adjunct Researcher of the research line "Environmental Genomics" in ITV Sustainable Development.