Permanent Teachers

Gabriela Fernandes Moreira

She holds a major in Chemical Engineering at UFMG (2002), a Master's Degree (2004) and a doctorate (2008) in Sciences in Chemical Engineering at COPPE/UFRJ in the area of interface phenomena in the development of catalytic membranes. He held a postdoctoral degree in the Materials and Nanotechnology area at Inmetro's Metrology Materials Division (Dimat) (2008-10). From 2010 to 2014, she worked as a coordinator of PROMETRO project, as a Researcher of the Scientific Development of National Metrology of CNPq in the same area, with emphasis on applications of thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy, and physical/chemical adsorption techniques for characterization of materials. She currently works as a Researcher at the Vale Institute of Technology - Mining (ITV MI) in the area of surface phenomena applied to flotation processes, and as a visiting researcher at the Brazilian Center for Physical Research in scientific collaboration projects of ITV-CBPF.