Permanent Teachers

Amilton Sinatora

Metallurgist Engineer at Polytechnic School of USP (1975), Master and Doctor of Mechanical Engineering at State University of Campinas (1986 and 1990). Lecturer (1996) and Full Professor of Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo (2005), where he retired in 2016. He was Innovation and Technology Manager at Villares Rolls, a company that produces cylinders for rolling (2008). Since August 2016, he has been a Full Researcher at Vale Institute of Technology (ITV), developing solutions for the wear of materials for mining, the wheel-rail system, and the reduction of friction in diesel engines. He researches wear and friction on mechanical components, as well as ways to control them. He participated and coordinated academic research projects and in cooperation with companies in these and related topics, in which he guided 23 master's theses and 17 doctoral theses, as well as scientific initiation and course completion papers. He has experience in the transfer of technology to companies, in the implementation and management of technology management in companies, in the hiring and development of researchers for companies, as well as in the implementation of innovation poles in educational institutions. He is interested in scientific education and propagation.