Marcio Sousa da Silva

He holds a major in Geology from the Federal University of Pará (1993), a Master's Degree in Geology and Geochemistry at Federal University of Pará (1996), and a specialist diploma in Marine Geology and Geophysics at Fluminense Federal University (1993). With experience in Geology, Geophysics and Coastal Geomorphology, Oceanography and Hydrology, with an emphasis on Marine Geophysics and hydrography, he works mainly with morphodynamics (bathymetric surveys in port and dredging areas in rivers, estuaries and lakes), hydrodynamics (flow measurements in rivers and estuaries, intensity and direction of currents, tides), environmental impacts, and environmental diagnosis. He was a researcher at the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research of the State of Amapá from 1998 to 2012, where he served as Sub-coordinator of the State Program of Coastal Management - GERCO/AP, and Head of the Division of Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems (for 10 years), developing research in the area of geology and marine geophysics and collecting geo-environmental and social-economic data. He worked as a professor of graduate studies at the Federal University of Amapá - UNIFAP (1997), at the State University of Pará (2012-2014), graduate and postgraduate studies in Environmental Management at the College of Macapá - FAMA (2004-2006) and graduate studies at the University of Amazonia - UNAMA (2015), teaching the following subjects, among others: Geology, Topography, Environmental Information Systems, Soil Quality, Hydrology, Environmental Geology, Cartography, Land Use and Management, Geology, Remote Sensing and Cartography.

He is currently an Assistant Researcher of the research line "Environmental geology and water resources", assigned to ITV Sustainable Development.