Radio Propagation in Open-pit Mines: a First Look at Measurements in the 2.6 GHz Band

Author(s): Almeida, Erika P. L.; Caldwell, George; Rodriguez, Ignacio; Abreu, Sergio;Vieira, Robson D.; Barbosa, Viviane S. B.; Sorensen,Troels B.; Mogensen, Preben; Garcia, Luis G. Uzeda
Summary: In this paper we present the results of an extensive measurement campaign performed at two large iron ore mining centers in Brazil at the 2.6 GHz band. Although several studies focusing on radio propagation in underground mines have been published, measurement data and careful analyses for open-pit mines are still scarce. Our results aim at filling this gap in the literature. The research is motivated by the ongoing mine automation initiatives, where connectivity becomes critical. This paper presents the first set of results comprising measurements under a gamut of propagation conditions. A second paper detailing sub-GHz propagation is also in preparation. The results indicate that conventional wisdom is wrong, in other words, radio-frequency (RF) propagation in surface mines can be far more elaborate than plain free-space line-of-sight conditions. Additionally, the old mining adage “no two mines alike” seems to remain true in the RF domain.
Journal: Simpósio Internacional Anual de Comunicações por Rádio Pessoal, Interior e Móvel (PIMRC)
Year: 2017
Volume: 28
Pages: p. 1-6
Year of publication: 2017
Available at:
Publisher and ISSN: IEEE