(PT) Toward mining sustainability: a synthesis of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the mining industry.

Author(s): HIPÓLITO, Juliana et al.
Summary: (PT) Mining is an important economic activity but creates substantial socio-environmental impacts. Through research incentives and compliance with legal requirements, mining companies can make substantial contributions to monitor, minimize, restore and compensate for negative impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Here, we aim to summarize how biodiversity and human welfare have been addressed by studies on mining sites, describing advances towards sustainable mining and identifying knowledge gaps and new avenues of research. We first gathered published papers dealing with mining, biodiversity and ecosystem services up to 2018. We then analyzed these body of literature in the light of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) framework and two key components of the Mitigation Hierarchy proposed to regulate the environmental impacts of the mining industry, namely, restoration and offsets. We evidenced that studies on mining sites have been concentrated within a few countries, with very little research in tropical areas, which implicates in a low representation of scientists dealing with our focus subject in these regions. Practical information is usually lacking at the regional and national scales, where most decisions are made, hindering the development of successful strategies for sustainable mining. Studies that considered more than one component of the IPBES framework are also lacking. Whereas the value of nature was rarely addressed, our study emphasizes the need for more research on biodiversity, ecosystem services and human welfare. We emphasize the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services restoration, as well broadening the use of offsets. It is also necessary to invest in methods and research for ecosystem services valuing. Investments in research and research centers are necessary to fill these gaps.
Year: 2020
Pages: 19 p.
DOI: 10.29223/PROD.TEC.ITV.DS.2020.15.Hipólito
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