(PT) Relações entre a condição de mobilidade da população e acesso às políticas públicas em Moju e Acará-PA

Author(s): PINHO, Giselle Fernandes de
Summary: This dissertation addressed issues related to the occupation process of the territory of the northeast Pará, focusing on the municipalities of Acará and Moju, whose economy to some extent incorporates palm cultivation on a large scale. This study aimed to identify the interrelationships between centralities generated by urban functions (commerce, service, public facilities), mobility and access to public policies, in order to contribute to a base support for decisions that aim to settle the new generations of farmers in rural areas. The study culminated in the development of an urban-rural gradient, produced from elaboration along the communities of a social cartography, which allowed the elaboration of mobility networks, through which the centralities in the territory were identified. This study demonstrated that through people's mobility patterns it is possible to understand how the territory structures itself into its centrality hierarchy between urban and rural, these centralities which mark the presence of public education and health policies. The population of the studied areas press to meet their basic needs with the minor displacement possible without the disposal of longer displacement when the cost / benefit balance is positive. As a result the permanence and the improvement in quality of life in rural areas is related not only to the incentive policies for the family farming production (whether for cultivation of mandioca or other typical crop fields, whether for commodity crops such as oil palm or black pepper) supported by policy incentive for sale (as the National School Nutrition Program), but also by education policies, health and transport which have already transformed part of the countryside in a peri-urban territory.
Year: 2015
Pages: 210 f.
Year of publication: 2015
Supervision: Ana Cláudia Duarte Cardoso, Dra.
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Course: Master's Degree in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions