(PT) Caracterização mineralógica do rejeito magnético de caulim da planta imerys, da Mina Ipixuna – Pará

Author(s): AZEVEDO, Tatiana Rocha de
Summary: A detailed mineralogical characterization of the magnetic fraction concentrate of tailings from the kaolin ore treatment at Imerys plant at Barcarena, Pará State, demonstrated that it is composed of Ti-Fe oxide minerals, goethite, hematite, quartz, tourmaline, and zircon, in decreasing modal xiii abundance. The Ti minerals are diversified. Pseudorutile is the dominant phase, with associated ilmenite and ‘ferri-ilmenite’, and subordinated leucoxene, anathase and rutile. Distinct Ti minerals could occur in a same grain and compositionally homogenous grains are scarce. Most Ti minerals show TiO2 contents higher than those admitted for pseudorutile. The characterization of Ti minerals by X-ray diffraction was relatively difficult due to the low crystallinity of many grains and better results were obtained after previous concentration of different mineral phases. A preliminary evaluation of possible uses for the Ti minerals of the magnetic concentrate of the Imerys plant indicates some technical problems related to the non-homogeneous composition of the grains of Ti minerals and the possibility of the occurrence in them of Ti-enriched external coats that should reduce their solubility. Complementary technological tests are necessary in order to evaluate the applicability and the economic feasibility of the available treatment processes.
Year: 2017
Pages: 69 f.
Year of publication: 2017
Supervision: Roberto Dall’Agnol, Dr.
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Course: Master's Degree in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions