(PT) Avaliação do InVEST visando a valoração de serviços ecossistêmicos

Author(s): SOUSA, Bruna dos Santos Bandeira
Summary: From the perspective that the valuation of ecosystem services is a relatively new subject, this study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of assessing the Serra da Bocaina preservation areas in Carajás, Pará and Mata do Jambreiro in Minas Gerais, based on the Ecosystem services of agricultural pollination and habitat quality. Using the models Crop pollination and Habitat quality through the InVEST modeling program, data were used on the diversity of bees and the flora of both areas. We verifyied which requirements and which input data are required for the program to generate measurable results focusing on the valuation of ecosystem services, weighting the applicability of the variables used by the model and the availability of information for its use. Obtained models were showed and discussed, with the results for the two areas of study bringing: Land use classes; Potential abundance of pollinators for surrounding agricultural areas; Potential abundance of pollinators per cell of the landscape, considering the floral resources present in the vicinity; Example of abundance of pollination; Example of availability of nesting sites for the species Centris aenea. We conclude that InVEST is a program that can be used for spatial and geographic valuation if the necessary data are available. However, if the intention of the research is exclusively the valuation with economic focus, complementary data and methods are needed.
Year: 2017
Pages: 79 f.
Year of publication: 2017
Supervision: Tereza Cristina Giannini, Dra.
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Course: Master's Degree in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions