(PT) Arquitetura Computacional para Manuseio de Dados de Clima e Movimentação de Abelhas com Etiquetas Eletrônicas

Author(s): ARRUDA, Helder Moreira
Summary: To process data from different formats and sources is a common problem in information systems. The primary objetive of this work is to facilitate queries based on relationship between bee activity (constantly monitored) and registries of air temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation (measured in 1Hz frequency). Bees fitted with micro-sensors recorded with an unique identifier have their passage through the hive door registered. Meteorological data were collected near the hive. A computational architecture was implemented. It is made of a data base with structures that enables data extraction (i.e., data marts) and an user interface to facilitate data storage, processing and treatment for a better data visualization.
Year: 2015
Pages: 107 f.
Supervision: Paulo A. de Souza Jr.
Link to PDF: Click here
Course: Master's Degree in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions