“Opportunities and Challenges for Innovation in Brazil” was the theme of the lecture given by professor Álvaro Prata, National Secretary of Technological Development from the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication. This was the inaugural lecture of the Professional Master’s Degree in Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Mining Processes. The course is held in a partnership with Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) with the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) and was recommended by Capes in December 2015. It started on March 10 in Ouro Preto, with the attendance of the 18 new students, scholars, researchers and executives of Vale.

Cláudia Lima (Dean of UFOP) and Sandoval Carneiro (ITV’s Executive Director) open inaugural class of the 2nd class of the master’s degree

“Teaching is not about formatting, but about inspiring people to transform and change the reality of which they are part,” says Álvaro Prata. The Rector of UFOP, Cláudia Aparecida de Lima, emphasized the importance of the partnership signed between the academy and the private initiative to ensure the technological and social development of the region. “I am sure that the program, which starts its 2nd class today, may soon generate good results for our society”. ITV Mining’s Scientific Director, Laurindo Leal, stated that the objective of the course is to train people who are capable of generating innovative technological solutions, since they will have the knowledge of the mineral company allied to the technical training, providing the ideal conditions to face the challenges and problems of activities.


Vale’s Control and Automation Engineer at the Brucutu Mine in Minas Gerais and a student of the new master’s degree class, Gabriel Guieiro, believes that joining the course represents an opportunity to bring the academic environment closer to the best of each one in one’s professional day-to-day. “I hope the market receives the innovations of the academy, and the academy understands the market’s demand for technology”.

The course​

The 2nd class of the Professional Master’s Degree in Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Mining Processes began on March 10th, and has the following research lines: Instrumentation in Mineral Processing; Analysis and Design of Advanced Control Systems; Information Technology, Communication and Industrial Automation; Robotics Applied to Mining. The course will be held in Ouro Preto, with a duration of 24 months.