The 1st Class of the Master’s Course in Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Mining Processes Photo: Vale Archive

For seven years, the Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) has focused on Research, Education, and Entrepreneurship and is part of Vale’s history, contributing to making our company more innovative and sustainable. In the month in which Vale celebrated 75 years of operations, we presented ITV’s teaching projects, which favor the training of young talent and the development of research inside and outside of Vale.

Developing young talent

Photo: Vale Archive

By means of postgraduate courses, the professors/researchers transmit their knowledge and experience to students who will later work on research projects, enabling the progress of knowledge and the development of innovation. “In the tradition of science, research development, the participation of postgraduate students is always very interesting, because it brings a flow of young people, often well-trained and motivated to develop research and there is, in the postgraduate studies, an exchange”, said Sandoval Carneiro, ITV’s Executive Director and Dean of Postgraduate Studies at the Institute. ITV offers professional master’s degrees in Mining and Sustainable Development.


ITV offers postgraduate courses and specialization courses, the latter being in the format ‘in company’, that is, exclusive to Vale’s employees. The postgraduate courses are open to community people and Vale’s professionals. The students of the social demand are selected to attend the courses, being able to receive scholarships granted by Capes, with financing from ITV

Sustainable Development

The course, hosted by ITV, began in Belém with the purpose of seeking synergy between ITV’s mission, of promoting Sustainable Development, and the means that the Amazon provides as an object of research. Therefore, a master’s course was created, which sought to attend students interested in acquiring knowledge in areas such as sustainability in mining, recovery of degraded areas, among others. In total, 20 vacancies are offered in each class, considering that 10 of these vacancies were reserved for Vale’s employees and 10 are open to the general public.

The master’s course, in Belem, which started in 2012, is currently in its fifth year and has already graduated 33 students. The course has a duration of two years, the first one is aimed at obtaining the credits and the second is aimed at research.


In Ouro Preto, the planning of the course started from the perception that there were no postgraduate courses related to the processes of Automation, Instrumentation, and Mining Controls. Therefore, an innovative course model was created not only in its curriculum and research composition, but also because it involved the partnership between a private institute, which is the ITV, and a federal university, the UFOP (the Federal University of Ouro Preto, a traditional educational institution in the field of Geology and Mining).

In Ouro Preto, in addition to the professional master’s degree course, as an accredited postgraduate course, according to the categorization adopted by Capes, there are several in-company specialization courses, exclusive to Vale’s professionals.

Currently, three courses are offered by ITV-Mining: PROFICAM, Master’s Degree in Mozambique and Specialization in Mine Mining.