On March 30th, the Belém public school basic education teachers visited the Vale Institute of Technology (ITV). They were part of the first ‘Vale Conhecer‘ class program, conducted in partnership with State Education Secretariat of Pará (Seduc).

The teachers spoke with ITV Scientific Director José Oswaldo Siqueira about our businesses in Pará and sustainability actions. Then, they went on a guided visit to the Institute laboratories, a meaningful approach to introduce the research on mining sustainable development in the Amazon to this public. “Considering the relevance of the mining activity for the state, it is fundamental that the students have access to more information. It is the teachers’ role to help them in that sense and it was extremely grateful for us to collaborate with this program”, says Siqueira.

According to Geography teacher Cintya Cabeça from Icoaraci, the experience was positive. “Visiting ITV was an interesting initiative because it reinforces the themes which we have already addressed in the classroom about the large mining projects in the Amazon. It was also productive because we were informed about which were the actions developed by the company and how Vale develops this institute with so many researches that can help to reduce the activity impacts.

16 teachers joined the first action of Vale Conhecer in Belém.

‘Vale Conhecer’ continues the visits program of ITV’s Basic Education students throughout this year.