Paulo Rógenes, ITV Researcher

Research related to the ‘Water Resources of the Itacaiúnas River Basin’ project, from the Vale Technology Institute in Belém, is the subject of a podcast on the portal of professor, researcher and consultant Valmir Pedrosa, from the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL).

In the interview, researcher Paulo Rógenes Pontes, coordinator of the project by ITV, talks about the institute’s work in the area of Sustainable Development in the Amazon and about the structuring pillars of the studies of the Itacaiúnas River Basin, based on monitoring, mathematical modeling, and environmental analysis.

“Our research is not only focused on the Vale areas, but we target the basin as a whole. This is important to develop the territory where Vale operates in the North Region,” highlights Paulo Rógenes, in the publication.

Check out the complete podcast at https://valmirpedrosa.com/podcast/

Researcher Renato Silva Junior, responsible for field research on water resources at ITV