Luiz Mello, ITV CEO and Executive Manager of Technology and Innovation at Vale, was elected as Vice President of The National Association of Research and Development of the Innovative Companies (Anpei).

Occupying this position until 2016, Luiz Mello becomes responsible to bring together governmental institutions, productive sectors, and opinion leaders, disseminating the importance of technological innovation for the competitiveness of enterprises and the development of Brazil.

According to Anpei’s new president, Humberto Pereira, “The new directors have vast experience and a will to participate in Anpei’s plans. I think it’s important that we have a diverse board. We stick together with our plans and a motivated and engaged board. We have good work in front of us”.

Here you can find a list with the elected to assume Anpei governance from 2016 to 2018:

– Humberto Pereira (Embraer) – President

– Luiz Mello (Vale) – Vice President

– André Ferrarese (Mahle) – Director

– Filipe Cassapo (Senai) – Director

– Luciana Hashiba (Natura) – Director

– Rafael Navarro (Braskem) – Director

– Sayonara Moreira (Whirlpool) – Director

– Sebastião Nau (Weg) – Director