With the purpose of training Vale’s professionals for the ore processing and handling, the Vale Institute of Technology will begin on March 12th with its first Specialization Course in Mineral Processing, comprising 26 students who are exclusively Vale employees. The classes will be taught in Parauapebas, Pará, in modules of one week and on a monthly basis. The course will have a duration of 21 months and 400 credit hours, with completion expected in November 2019.

The enrolled students are engineers, analysts, and managers who work in the mine operation. The intention is to further improve the form of mineral processing at Vale, contributing to the use of material previously considered as waste rock and the recycling of fines deposited in tailings dams, making mining more efficient and sustainable.

In the last two years, ITV has trained more than 39 professionals and started innovative mining researches. Another 81 students are enrolled on Institute courses and should complete their studies in the coming years.