Researchers at the Vale Institute of Technology (ITV), Vale operational areas teams and representatives of Brazilian Institute of Environment and of Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) attended a seminar aimed at discussing Environmental Restoration: Regulatory Framework and its Application. The event took place in Belém on April 4th and 5th and addressed, among other subjects, the current legislation on environmental licensing, success cases, gaps in environmental restoration according to IBAMA experience and actions by Vale towards this end.

According to ITV researcher and seminar organizer, Antonio Eduardo Furtini, the event was an opportunity to learn about the vision of licensing agencies regarding the environmental restoration process, highlighting mining activities, and mainly the possibility of explaining to Vale technical-scientific team about the legal requirements and opportunities of improving the actions undertaken by the company.

Ibama Civil Works and Mining Coordinator Jonatas Trindade stressed the importance of experiences and information exchange: “I came here to learn, more than to teach. Restoration of areas is an important subject and this discussion with the companies is of utmost relevance for us”.

Check below other statements:

“The seminar was a good opportunity of integration among ITV researchers, Vale analysts and technicians, as well as Ibama representatives. An amazing exchange of experiences that will contribute for a more accurate routing of our research on environment related to mining.”

José Oswaldo de Siqueira – Scientific Director of Vale Institute of Technology Sustainable Development

“I see this interaction among private companies and inspecting offices as very positive. Sometimes we get busy with our own things, and forget about the importance of aligning the standards.”

Richardson Costa Faria – Mine Shutdown RAD Manager/Environment Management

“The relationship between Vale operational area with the research is also very important. I am impressed with the level of ITV. We do owe any country anything. We have a team of persons and equipment of distinguished level.”

Ramon Braga – Environment Manager – East Ferrous division

“The meeting was very useful to strengthen the relations. It was important for us to see Ibama´s position towards flexibility and greater concern with the final results of the restoration actions. I had the opportunity to visit ITV facilities and was amazed at the cutting-edge equipment I found over there.”

Jenaldo Carvalho – Environment Management – North Ferrous division