From October 18th to 21st, the World Mining Congress gathered, in Rio de Janeiro, delegations from 40 countries, including India, Kazakhstan, China, Canada, United States, Australia, among others, debated innovation, sustainability, relations with communities, research, and technology.

The Congress received 1,100 participants each day and had 850 attendees and 130 lecturers.
The Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) displayed, on Vale’s display stand, eight projects that have been developed by researchers from the institute in the units of Belém (PA) and Ouro Preto (MG).

“The Vale Institute of Technology (ITV) builds value to our business. We are inspired by projects that are working around the world to innovate our productivity. With the help of students we are increasingly improving our way of working”. – Clovis Torres, Executive Director of Human Resources, Sustainability and Integrity.

Vale’s display stand was one of the most visited at the fair, with the presence of Vale’s Chief Executive Officer, Murilo Ferreira, Jennifer Hooper (Director of Health and Safety and Sustainability), Clovis Torres (Executive Director of Human Resources, Sustainability and Integrity), Paulo Henrique Soares (Executive Manager of Communications), among other executives of Vale.

Speleological Robot. Photo: Daniel Perpétuo
Luiz Mello, Paulo Pedrosa and authorities at the launch of the book “Mineral Resources of Brazil.”

As a highlight, 15 employees from Vale had their scientific projects approved. Among them, there are representatives of the Executive Management of Technology and Innovation and ITV.

Luiz Mello, ITV’s Chief Executive Officer mediated the panel on “How to develop the right approach to boost the innovation in mining”.