The results of the selection process for the Professional Master’s Degree in Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Mining Processes in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, have just been released.

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The course

The course will be held in Ouro Preto (MG), and 22 positions will be available, ten reserved for Social Demand, ten for external applicants to ITV (CEPE Resolution 6272/2015), one extra position for UFOP technical-administrative servers (Resolution CUNI 4350/2011), and one extra position for ITV MI employees, all of whom must undergo this selection process.

The Master’s degree will have the following lines of research: Instrumentation in Mineral Processing; Analysis and Design of Advanced Control Systems; Information Technology, Communication, and Industrial Automation; Robotics Applied to Mining. Classes will start in March 2017.

Learn more To access the notice click here. To access the first rectification, about the extension of the enrollment period, click here. To access the second rectification, about the number of vacancies offered, click here. Learn about the stages of the process: Enrollment from 07/10 to 14/11/2016 on the website, click here. Approval of the enrollment forms from 15 to 28/11/2016 on the website, click here. Specific Knowledge and English Tests: 14/12/2016 (To be released on the website of the program) Delivery of documentation: 14/12/2016 (At the same place of the tests) Result of the tests: 22/12/2016 on the website, click here. Final result: 31/01/2017 on the website, click here. Online pre-enrollment from 01 to 25/02/2017 on the website, click here. Pre-enrollment for surplus candidates from 26/02 to 02/03/2017 on the website, click here. Enrollment on 06/03/2017 at ITV’s secretariat: Av. Juscelino Kubitschek, nº 31 – Bauxita – Ouro Preto Start of classes: 06/03/2017 For more information, call +55 (31) 3552-7352.