ITV hosted a seminar about Regional Climate Changes in partnership with INPE

On May 11th, ITV invited Dr. Lincoln Alves, research of the Science Center of Earth System (CCST) of the National Institute of Space Research (INPE) for the seminar “Scenarios of Regional Climate Changes”.

The seminar aimed to present climate studies and generate regional climate scenarios in Brazil developed by CCST/INPE, in order to understand the components of the climate system and its interactions and generate knowledge to make sophisticated projections of future climate. Also, to provide the policymakers scientific evidence of climate changes and its possible impacts in Brazil.

According to the researcher of the research group of Meteorology and Climate Change of ITV, Everaldo Barreiros, “the event was important for the synergy of both Institutes, as a way of searching for advanced scientific tools for simulation and analysis of the climate on a regional scale. During the visit of Dr. Lincoln, a research agenda was established for the use of PRECIS (developed by United Kingdom and considered as the state the art of simulation of the earth system) for the generation of climate scenarios in operational areas of Vale in the north (Pará and Maranhão) and south/southeast (Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro) systems. Considering this, it will be possible to elaborate future climate projections that will be useful to medium and long-term planning and analyses of future risks to Vale’s operation and logistics”.