Permanent Teachers

Silvio Ramos

He is an Agronomist Engineer and graduated from UFMG, he holds a master's, a doctorate and a postdoctoral degree in Soil Science from UFLA. He performed a Sandwich doctorate at Cornell University - USA, and a technology internship in Braunschweig - Germany. He has published several scientific papers in national and international journals. He received the awards: Capes' Thesis Award, as the best thesis in agricultural sciences in 2012 in Brazil, and the Mercosur Award for Science and Technology – 2015. He is a scholarship holder of Research Productivity at CNPq and is also a permanent member of the Post-Graduate Programs in Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Tropical Regions at the Vale Institute of Technology and Applied Botany at UFLA.

He is currently an Associate Researcher of the research line "Environmental Recovery", assigned to ITV Sustainable Development, where he performs projects related to topics: (i) recovery of areas impacted by mining; (ii) bioindicators to monitor areas in environmental recovery; (iii) vegetal conservation and multiplication; (iv) quantification of trace elements, heavy metals and rare earth in rocks, soils, sediments and agricultural inputs; (v) phytoremediation and phytoremediation.