Thiago César de Souza Pinto

He has a major in Chemical Engineering at Santa Cecilia University (2004), a Master's Degree in Mineral Engineering from EPUSP (2007), and a Doctorate in Mineral Engineering also from EPUSP (2012). He did part of his Ph.D. at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology-Australia) to develop the model proposed in his thesis. He has experience in the Mineral and Chemical Engineering areas, with an emphasis on transport phenomena applied to mineral processing. He is a member of a Research Group on Ore Treatment at the Polytechnic School of USP, with Professor Dr. Laurindo de Salles Leal Filho as a leader. He worked as a lecturer and researcher for a professional master's degree at the University of Santa Cecília (2010-2013). He is currently a researcher at the Vale Institute of Technology Mining (ITV-MI) in the research line of Ore Treatment and Transport Phenomena.