Everaldo Barreiros Souza

Everaldo Barreiros de Souza has a Bachelor from UFPA, a Master’s from INPE and a Doctor of Meteorology from USP. He works in the area of Climatology applied in environmental studies with interdisciplinary scope; Regional climate modeling (computational numerical simulation using equations of the dynamics of the atmosphere); Diagnostics and simulation of the impacts of deforestation on regional climate. He is a Permanent Professor of ITV Professional Master's Degree and coordinator of the project "Climate modeling of the Amazon: Study of variability and trends in the current climate and in future scenarios of climate change" (financed by ITV and CNPQ-Universal Notice, in partnership with UFPA/USP/CPTEC-INPE).

He is currently an Associate Researcher of the research line "Environmental Technology", assigned to ITV Sustainable Development.