We invest in people

The Vale Institute of Technology is formed by several professionals in different levels of their careers and by professional partners from various institutions and companies. We recognize the importance of engaging renowned researchers with extensive experience, just as we value the support and dedication of professionals early in his/her scientific career.

“ITV is a place to face new challenges with boundary science and collaborative, harmonious and interdisciplinary work.”

Guilherme Oliveira, Full Researcher.

“We work in a multidisciplinary team, in a great environment of familiarity, and aligned with the values of the company for the execution of the researches.”

Silvio Ramos, Adjunct Researcher.

“Since I joined ITV, I have developed my technical and, above all, my personal side, to have state-of-the-art labs and an integrated and brilliant team.”

Filipe Rocha, Master's Degree Student and Assistant Researcher..

  • Alfredo Moisés Sarkis Alfredo Moisés Sarkis
  • Amilton Sinatora Amilton Sinatora
  • Andre Soares Braga Andre Soares Braga
  • Carlos De Figueiredo Gontijo Carlos De Figueiredo Gontijo
  • Cecílio Frois Cecílio Frois
  • Cláudia Priscila Wanzeler da Costa Cláudia Priscila Wanzeler da Costa
  • Cleidson Ronald Botelho de Souza Cleidson Ronald Botelho de Souza
  • Clóvis Wagner Maurity Clóvis Wagner Maurity
  • Daniela Cristina Zappi Daniela Cristina Zappi
  • Douglas Ferreira Douglas Ferreira
  • Eleir Mundim Bortoleto Eleir Mundim Bortoleto
  • Elena Babiitchouk Elena Babiitchouk
  • Ênio Lopes Ênio Lopes
  • Eunirio Zanetti Fernandes Eunirio Zanetti Fernandes
  • Everaldo Barreiros Souza Everaldo Barreiros Souza
  • Everlândio Fernandes Everlândio Fernandes
  • Filipe Augusto Santos Rocha Filipe Augusto Santos Rocha
  • Flávia Paulucci Cianga Silvas Flávia Paulucci Cianga Silvas
  • Gabriela Fernandes Moreira Gabriela Fernandes Moreira
  • Gian Franco Napa Garcia Gian Franco Napa Garcia
  • Guilherme Oliveira Guilherme Oliveira
  • Gustavo Medeiros Freitas Gustavo Medeiros Freitas
  • Gustavo Pessin Gustavo Pessin
  • Gustavo Tressia de Andrade Gustavo Tressia de Andrade
  • Héctor Ignacio Perez Azpúrua Héctor Ignacio Perez Azpúrua
  • Iranildes Daniel dos Santos Iranildes Daniel dos Santos
  • Jair da Silva Ferreira Júnior Jair da Silva Ferreira Júnior
  • Jorge Filipe dos Santos Jorge Filipe dos Santos
  • José Augusto Bitencourt José Augusto Bitencourt
  • Jose Jimmy Penagos Jose Jimmy Penagos
  • José Tasso Felix Guimarães José Tasso Felix Guimarães
  • Leandro Geraldo Canaan Silveira Leandro Geraldo Canaan Silveira
  • Leonardo Chaves Leonardo Chaves
  • Luciano Costa Luciano Costa
  • Luciano Cota Luciano Cota
  • Luis Guilherme Uzeda Garcia Luis Guilherme Uzeda Garcia
  • Luiz Gylvan Meira Filho Luiz Gylvan Meira Filho
  • Marcio Sousa da Silva Marcio Sousa da Silva
  • Marcos Paulo Torre Marcos Paulo Torre
  • Markus Gastauer Markus Gastauer
  • Mauricio Watanabe Mauricio Watanabe
  • Patricia Radino Rouse Patricia Radino Rouse
  • Paulo Rógenes Monteiro Pontes Paulo Rógenes Monteiro Pontes
  • Pedro Walfir M. Souza Filho Pedro Walfir M. Souza Filho
  • Philip Von Pritzelwitz Philip Von Pritzelwitz
  • Prafulla Kumar Sahoo Prafulla Kumar Sahoo
  • Rafael Valadares Rafael Valadares
  • Renata Gonçalves Tedeschi Renata Gonçalves Tedeschi
  • Renato Oliveira da Silva Junior Renato Oliveira da Silva Junior
  • Roberto Dall’Agnol Roberto Dall’Agnol
  • Rodolfo Jaffé Ribbi Rodolfo Jaffé Ribbi
  • Ronnie Alves Ronnie Alves
  • Rosa Elvira Correa Pabón Rosa Elvira Correa Pabón
  • Rosa Paes Rosa Paes
  • Sâmia Nunes Sâmia Nunes
  • Santelmo Vasconcelos Santelmo Vasconcelos
  • Sergio Ivan Viademonte Sergio Ivan Viademonte
  • Silvio Ramos Silvio Ramos
  • Taís Renata Câmara Taís Renata Câmara
  • Tereza Cristina Giannini Tereza Cristina Giannini
  • Thiago Antonio Melo Euzebio Thiago Antonio Melo Euzebio
  • Thiago César de Souza Pinto Thiago César de Souza Pinto
  • Valente Matlaba Valente Matlaba
  • Vera Lucia Imperatriz Fonseca Vera Lucia Imperatriz Fonseca
  • Vidal Félix Navarro Torres Vidal Félix Navarro Torres
  • William Whitaker William Whitaker
  • Wilson da Rocha Nascimento Junior Wilson da Rocha Nascimento Junior
  • Gisele Nunes Lopes Gisele Nunes Lopes
  • (PT) Rosane Lopes Cavalcante (PT) Rosane Lopes Cavalcante
  • Teaching Body